Green Thumb

Green Thumb

What was said? Have you heard of the phrase “she has a green thumb?”

Did someone really say that? Yes, my niece Ava was wondering if I had ever heard of the phrase and to add it to this blog!

What does it mean? It means you have been blessed with the ability to grow and care for plants… (present company excluded).

Origin:  There are two popular theories floating out there…. the first originates from England with King Edward I who was apparently very fond of green peas. He would award the gardener who shelled the most green peas and hence the “greenest thumb” each season with an award (the British version of the express is to have “green fingers”).

The second theory refers to the algae that can grow on the outside of earthenware pots that can stain a gardener’s thumb / fingers green when handling the pots (this is according to James Underwood Crockett, host of PBS show The Victory Garden).


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