Jump the Gun

“Making Heads or Tails of Idioms” Newsletter. Volume 1. Issue 9. Part 1 of 2.

Original Release: 7/31/2011

***Theme: “I surprised myself and used Idioms!”***

What was said? Sounds like I jumped the gun!

Did someone really say that?  Yes… I did.  One would expect that after two years of an idiom newsletter, that I may begin to use Idioms myself. Hence the “I surprised myself and used Idioms” SPECIAL EDITION newsletter!

What does it mean? Jump the gun: to begin something before preparations for it are complete

Origin:  Jump the gun is derived from track and field races and was preceded in the USA by the phrase “beat the gun” / pistol. From 1905 in Crowther and Ruhl’s Rowing and Track Athletics, “False starts were rarely penalized, the pistol generally followed immediately on the signal “Get Set!” and so shiftless were the starts and officials that “beating the pistol” was one of the tricks which less sportsmanlike runners constantly practised” 




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