A Bone to Pick


What was said? I have a bone to pick with my accountant…

Did someone really say that? Yes, this one is brought to you by my husband – his first submission! Someone in his office said that to him the other day and he immediately thought of me.

What does it mean? It basically means there is a topic/issue that requires discussion/argument. The speaker of the idiom believes there will be a disagreement and that the other party has done him/her “wrong.”

Origin: Fortunately (or unfortunately) this one seems fairly straightforward. It dates back to the 1500’s and refers to a dog chewing on (picking clean) a bone. 

A similar phrase to “a bone to pick” is “bone of contention” which dates back to the same time frame and refers to a bone being fought over by two dogs.

Mark Bittman wrote a book titled “A Bone to Pick” about the good & bad news (and ins and outs) of the food industry.

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