Motherhood and Apple Pie

Volume 2. Issue 4.

What was said? Corporate Social Responsibility is like motherhood and apple pie.

Did someone really say that? Yes… just another idiom I have never heard of used at work.

What does it mean? Basic principles or values with which everyone agrees on. A “motherhood and apple pie” issue is an issue which is universally agreed upon just as no one would disparage “motherhood” and everyone likes apple pie.

Also, can mean something that is very “American” due to another adaptation which is “As American as baseball, hotdogs, motherhood and apple pie”.


A couple of versions of origin, both having to do with American soldiers in WWII.

1) Soldiers stationed overseas were quoted saying “mom and apple pie” when asked what they missed most being away from home, conjuring up cozy memories

2) “for Mom and apple pie” was supposedly the stock answer of soldiers whenever journalists asked why they were going to war

“Motherhood and apple pie day” is celebrated each January 26 in Virginia and has been since at least 1950: The twenty-sixth day of January of each year shall be recognized and celebrated as Motherhood and Apple Pie Day throughout the Commonwealth. Upon this date, all citizens of the Commonwealth are urged to reflect upon the need to continue efforts to reduce the state’s infant mortality rate to preserve our heritage and to ensure the health and well-being of future generations. (Code of Virginia: Title 2.2, Section 2.2 3303)


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